Castle Siege. Part 2.
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  • Day 1 - Guild Register Period 00:00
  • Day 2 - Guild Register Period 00:00
  • Day 3 - Guild Register Period 00:00
  • Day 4 - Guild Register Period 00:00
  • Day 5 - End of Guild Register 23:59
  • Day 6 - Register Sign of the Lord 00:00
  • Day 6 - End register Sign of the Lord 23:59
  • Day 7 - Guild Notification 00:00
  • Day 7 - Outbreak of battle 20:00 - 21:00
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CS $2000 prize fund! +(Patch 2.0)
Posted13 / 09 / 2022

We are pleased to announce the prize pool for the event guilds "Capture the Castle" which will be played in 5 stages. With each subsequent capture of the castle prize fund increases.

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Bonus Start Package +(Patch 1.0)
Posted23 / 09 / 2022

If you missed the opening, that's okay! Get in the game and claim your bonus now!
We also have a VIP for 7 days!

For more information about the update Patch 1.0 in this section.

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Starting Guide for New Players
Posted10 / 09 / 2022

Recommendations for new players :
1. If you play in a party, create at the beginning of the game Guild that will give you a nice Guild Buff for a more comfortable start, if you are with other members of the Guild
2. Add to your autoclicker item selection such as: ....

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Guild and Referral bonus
Posted10 / 09 / 2022

Our project has interesting bonuses for guilds! Come to our server with a large group and get good bonuses! And also do not forget to call your friends by referral link in your personal cabinet!
All information in our topic

Owner of the Castle Guild: PoMaWKu
Owner of the Elveland Warrior Guild: 99cent

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