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Castle siege

Castle siege cycle

  • Day 1 -Registration for Castle Siege 00:00
  • Day 2 -Idle 23:59
  • Day 3 -Register Mark Of The Lord 00:00
  • Day 4 -Idle 00:00
  • Day 5 -Castle Attack Guild Notification 12:00
  • Day 5 -Reading the state of Castle Siege 19:00
  • Day 7 -Start of Castle Siege event 20:00
  • Day 7 -End of Castle Siege event 21:00
Bonuses for newcomers! [6.1]

NEW! Write to a server administrator and get a unique rookie starter kit!

As soon as you register an account and create a new character, you get a starter kit. 

Also, for newcomers there is always an active quick upgrade system. That is, the less Reset you have, the more experience you get!

Starter Pack:
- 2.5 Wings +15+luck
- Set +15+luck
- Staff/Sword + Shield +15+skill+luck
- Skills
- x1 Pet Skeleton for 21 days
- x1 Scroll of Defence for 21 days
- x1 Scroll of Wrath for 21 days
- x1 Scroll of Wizardry for 21 days
- x1 Scroll of EXP for 21 days

IMPORTANT: The newbie bonus system may be updated every day! Rewards and experience on initial resets will improve as the server progresses!

Posted28 / 05 / 2023ByAdmin

Owner of the Castle Guild: InspireD
Owner of the Elveland Warrior Guild: ReLaX

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